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Sheryl Medium & Intuitive

Trust & Believe


Evidential Medium & Intuitive Readings

Bringing you messages from your Passed Over Loved Ones & inspiring the true you!

  • Mediumship - Evidential passed over loved one readings, continuation of life! 
  • Intuitive Readings - Empowering insights into your decisions and direction
  • Soul Colour Readings 
  • Spiritual Life Coach - Connect with the true you! 
  • Reiki/Mediumistic Healing 
  • Reading and Reiki Packages
  • Mentoring and Workshops

It is my intention that through my readings I enrich your life.  It is not for me or the Spirit World to tell you what you should do, or to tell you what will happen, but rather to provide clarity and provide the space for both transformation and healing!

Sheryl ~ Medium & Intuitive. Face to Face, Zoom, Phone or by FaceTime


"The feeling of love that came through was so soothing. There was no doubt in my mind that my beautiful son had found a genuine and amazing lady to channel his message through and my life is so much more settled now. I thank you so much Sheryl. Light and love."


"I have seen Sheryl get in contact with passed loved ones with such accuracy it's amazing! Her ability to connect with Spirit & Angels is truly a gift"


"I could feel the essence of the person... I could feel them when I was reading your comments... I felt them strongly it was weird and quite emotional... Like if you had opened a door !!! So strong ... You are very good... You said things you couldn't know, their readings are still in my mind vividly"


"Wow thank you, I'm very shocked how spot on you are".