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Combination Intuitive & Passed Loved One Reading

45mins ~ A$150

With Sheryl ~ Evidential Medium & Intuitive 

Your Reading can be done Face to Face, via Zoom, Phone or FaceTime, please book your session through the Book A Session tab 

Sheryl is on AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Intuitive Readings: In these sessions I tune into you psychically and pick up things from your past, present and look at potential future possibilities. 

We can also look at any decisions you need to make and see what the possibilities and potentials are around them. 


These sessions can include questions on love, home, career, purpose or relationships.

The reading session will bring you clarity on your decisions and your direction to move forward. 

I do see Clairvoyantly, although my readings are not prediction based. They are about what your Soul wants you to know!

I prefer to work on a Soul level getting to your need, what you desire from your session is important, the greater the need the more you’ll receive from your session.

If you are just coming out of curiosity or just to see ‘What comes up’ or if you are looking for future predictions I may not be the reader for you.

I pick up on your possibilities and potentials moving forward,  but it is not for me to tell you what ‘will’ happen. That’s for you to decide! 

Passed Over Loved One Readings: Mediumship is the ability to connect to Spirit.

I am an evidential medium, meaning I bring through specific information about your loved ones and the things you shared. I endeavour to bring through enough evidence as a display they are truly still around you. And of course I'm sure they'll want to wrap it up with a message for you.

In these readings I will receive information from your passed over loved one such as how they passed and who was with them at the time. Information that may come through are such things as shared memories, their pesonality, a special trait they had or something they loved to do. Sometimes they will show me something you have done recently to let you know they are with you and watched you carry out some daily or significant activity. Whatever may come through I'm sure you will be able to personally relate with the messages and evidence I can give. Giving you peace of mind your loved one although not living on this earth they are living on in Spirit, in true harmony and love. 

45min Combination Intuitive and Passed Over Loved One Reading

Session: A$150.00

”It is my intention that through my readings I enrich your life” 


Readings: The 10min ‘rule’. After ten minutes of commencing a reading if I don’t feel I can connect to you or a passed over loved one I will cease the session and refund your money. You can also stop the reading at the ten minute mark if you feel it’s not for you. After the ten minutes we will continue the session and there will be no refunds after this time.