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Can my friend and I get a reading at the same time? 

There is only one person in the room at a time for Intuitive Readings. 

If two people are in the room I’ll be picking up things about both of you and it can get disorganised. I would rather people experience the session when it’s all about them! 

Passed over loved one sessions are one to one - one person in the room at a time. 

The exception is if it’s a joint passed over loved one e.g. family members of the loved ones. More than two people in the room for a passed over loved one needs to be discussed prior to your appointment.
There is an option to book a two person session on the scheduling page. 

What if I feel you’re not getting anything that relates to me or my loved ones? The 10min ‘rule’. After ten minutes of commencing a reading if I don’t feel I can connect to you or a passed over loved one I will cease the session and refund your money. You can also stop the reading at the ten minute mark if you feel it’s not for you. After the ten minutes we will continue the session and there will be no refunds after this time. 
Do you give timings? If I receive a timeline I will give you one. Timelines are difficult as everything is fluid, always moving and shifting. Plus there is always free will in play.  I endeavour to give you a guide as I usually get some sort of feeling. However I encourage the 'how' to get you to where you want to be not the 'when'.  I will always be open and honest with what comes through.
I just want to see what comes up for me for the session, do you do this?  If you are just coming out of curiosity or just to see ‘What comes up’ I am not the reader for you. The greater the need the more you’ll receive. My readings are not about what is coming up for you in the future! They are about guidance around decisions, direction and what your soul wants to express. 
What if I don't relate to something you've said? I don't claim to be 100% accurate, no clairvoyant/medium is, so if you don't relate to something just let it go. It could also be something that may come up in the future for you. That being said I'm sure you'll resonate with most of what you receive.
What sort of question is best? Open ended questions are best, that way you will get more out of your reading. Open ended questions create answers that come with insight, depth and can also help manifest what you really want. So questions around, how, why, and where rather than will, when and should.
Do you do predictions? I do see Clairvoyantly, although my readings are not prediction based. I prefer to work on a Soul level getting to your need, what you desire from your session is important, the greater the need the more you’ll receive from your session. I pick up on your possibilities and potentials moving forward, but it is not for me to tell you what ‘will happen’ That is for you to decide! If you are wanting purely predictions I may not be the reader for you. 
Will you read into my partners or someone else’s energy? (Third Party Reading) I don't read for anyone without their permission. I can read the energy around a situation, such as a relationship, but I won't read a particular person if it's not them asking a question.
How do I pay if I don't have PayPal? You can pay via credit card through PayPal via the Book a Reading tab or on the booking page. 
How do I prepare myself for a reading? There is no preparation you particularly need to do other than be open to receiving.  It's hard to read someone if they are closed or are asking for a reading as a test! Also it's very important to ask yourself 'Do I really want to know the answer' You won't be happy with your reading if you have preconceived ideas about what you want it to say!
I'm a bit nervous, what can I expect? Remember I am genuinely trying to help you!  Everything that comes from spirit comes with love, if something comes through for you it's for a reason. Your reading will never be negative, in fact it will uplift, motivate and empower you.